17.04.2015 - I am now designing for Indecorate, a new online platform that connects interior designers directly to the users! Check it out.

15.01.2014 - João and Clémentine decided to join their work experiences and contacts from the last years to their ideas and visions in order to develop new objects for the home. We look forward to new collaborations with manufacturers, producers and brands! Get in touch with us for a coffee in IMM Cologne and know more about Clémentine here!

10.10.14 - I was in Lisbon Design Show presenting the dining chair and table Laura. This is how they look like.

The Laura chair is a solid composition made of carefully sculpted elements, giving it a nostalgic and romantic feel, perfect for the dining room. It is the result of a close study of the evolution of forms and surfaces on western culture chairs. The shapes of its elements were defined in a balanced consideration of the past, the present and the future. Its elements are based in rectangular forms, then slighly arched, rounded or angled. This gives it a notion of belonging to the evolution but still having traces from the past, which is very important to give it a character that people can relate to and recognize.

02.09.14 - The Serena Chair will be in exhibition in the Beijing Design Week. Can you find out where?
25.08.14 - I am working together with a german brand in furniture to be produced in Portugal and presented in IMM Cologne 2015! <3 The rest is secret!

01.08.14 - Collaborating with Kinzo in Berlin, in several projects of interiors and upcoming furniture products. This is cool. Photo: Kinzo